Service Blueprint and Design

A major government client undergoing digital transformations of their service delivery process came to Nomat for help with creating a Service Blueprint to map out their current service state.

Nomat was engaged to conduct research to capture insights about the way work is undertaken within the organisation as part of a service design project. The focus was on understanding the systems and processes utilised, the customer touchpoints and experiences as well as current inefficiencies and areas of opportunity.

The insights collected culminated in a current state Service Blueprint which would foster discussions and help inform the future digital transformation roadmap.

Customer value proposition research analysis in action

What we did

The project was conducted following a human-centered design process. This involved engaging with internal stakeholders to explore business needs and research objectives. 

Remote Discovery Workshop facilitation

We brought together senior management and teams across different areas of the organisation to create alignment on the objectives and scope of the project.

The workshop kicked off the exploration of the organisational ecosystem, including the interactions with systems and processes, and generated buy-in with internal teams. This resulted in teams collaborating to create a set of commonly accepted actions which served as the initial draft of the Service Blueprint. This in turn formed a springboard into further research.

Reviewing existing research

We undertook a comprehensive review of previous research. The research data was used to create more clarity around business needs and provided additional context to the project.

Insights gathered were added to the draft Service Blueprint to supplement existing data.

Interviews and discussions

Qualitative insights were gathered through contextual enquiries and interviews with staff and customers and was central to gaining a multifaceted understanding of the service being delivered and received.

We then undertook collaborative analysis and synthesis of the data.

The research allowed us to capture ways that teams completed their work utilising the existing systems and processes, current inefficiencies, and opportunity areas, while also applying a human-centered lens by overlaying customer interactions and experiences.

Services provided by Nomat:

  • Online Discovery Workshop
  • Reviewing existing research
  • Online Contextual Enquiries
  • Online Interviews
  • Remote feedback workshops
Customer value proposition research analysis in action

Final Service Blueprint and Feedback

Based on the research findings, the draft Service Blueprint was iterated upon to create the final Service Blueprint which encapsulated and visualised the relationship between various service components in a way that met the project objectives.

We engaged with various internal stakeholders through remote workshops to obtain and incorporate feedback on the blueprint.

The insights revealed by the research were compiled into a report for the stakeholders and senior management.

Outcome of the engagement

The final Service Blueprint has been well received by senior management and the internal stakeholders as a key tool in their digital transformation strategy. 

The Service Blueprint was central to creating a holistic view of the different service components to create a shared understanding of the people, systems and processes. It also enabled communication across different teams to better identify and align priorities. 

Importantly, the human-centered approach transformed the Service Blueprint into a diagnostic tool to uncover specific painpoints raised through the interaction between people, systems and processes. 

This increased awareness was the key in guiding the future digital transformation roadmap of the organisation. 

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