Human-centred design project for government

Nomat was engaged to help lead a human-centred design (HCD) project for the government. As part of their strategic goals to improve their customers’ experiences, their aim was to make it easier for customers to engage with their services.

Nomat conducted research to identify and test opportunities to improve the customer experience. The goal was to put in place short term tactical improvements by uncovering opportunities for our client.

Human centred design sketch

Activities provided by Nomat

  • Discovery workshop 
  • Customer interviews 
  • Current state journey map 
  • Co-design workshops 
  • Future state journey map 
  • Customer personas 
  • Design concept prototypes 
  • Concept testing 
  • Reporting 

A human-centred design approach

Discovery phase  

The discovery phase helps us understand the organisational and customer needs. This allowed Nomat to explore the problem space.
Nomat facilitated a 2-hour discovery workshop, with project stakeholders. Participants explored known customer pain points, creating the current state journey.
Nomat conducted 15 one-on-one in-depth interviews with current and future customers. This is to better understand their experience and uncover their needs.

Definition phase 

The definition phase focused on understanding the information gathered in the discovery phase. This helps in defining the problem(s) being solved.
Nomat created an insights report to document insights from interviews. This document also contains other information gathered in the project’s first phase. A detailed current state customer journey map and updated personas were also created.


design sketch

Design phase

The design phase began with ideation to identify solutions to define and bring them to life as high-fidelity prototypes. Nomat brought customers and stakeholders together to collaborate and co-create solutions. These solutions explored new concepts to enhance the customer experience.
Nomat prototyped solutions based on the ideas generated in the co-design workshops. We consulted with the client’s project team to ensure the viability and feasibility of real-world implementation.
Concept testing was then undertaken to understand the effectiveness of the prototype and its individual components.

Outcome of the engagement

The project helped the client gain an understanding of the customer experience. Customers helped with co-designing the desired state and the proposed solution, which Nomat prototyped and tested.
The client is exploring the implementation of the validated solutions in the short term as well as investigating longer-term strategic initiatives. 

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