Customer Journey Map

A customer journey map is a visualisation of the steps that customers go through when engaging with a product or service. Customer journey maps are a critical tool for teams and for organisations to understand how customers interact with their products and services.

At Nomat, we have significant experience and expertise with creating Customer Journey Maps and other visualizations of services, experiences, and products. This includes the creation of Service Blueprints which document the organizational perspective on delivering a service.

Why use customer journey maps?

  • To understand how customers currently interact with an organisation
  • To move away from assumptions about customers and focus on genuine research
  • To promote conversations and decision making with a universal understanding
  • To highlight the relationships between the customer touch points of an organisation    
  • To document aspects of the experience which leads to customer pain points
  • To highlights opportunities for enhancing the experience 

Customer journey maps are ideal for important product discussions by making key information available & visible.

When to create a customer journey map?

While journey maps can add value in most circumstances they are especially valuable when:

  • Teams are looking to redevelop existing products or services or create new ones 
  • There is limited understanding of customers and how they interact with the organisation
  • There is a need to understand a complex and fragmented customer experience


While each customer journey map project varies depending on the audience and organisation it is being created for, we go through the following steps.

  1. Understand the organisational needs from a customer journey map
  2. Undertake research (interviews, contextual enquiry, workshops, surveys etc.) to understand customer steps, thoughts, feelings, information needs, touch points and pain points with the organisation
  3. Synthesise and analyse the information and data gathered
  4. Visualise the process in the form of a map. Initially as a draft and then as a final poster and soft copy

These steps are completed in an iterative and collaborative manner with our clients.     

Map developed with Mat Devey and Tim Crook.


The research findings are visualised as a customer journey map. No two maps are the same as they are tailored to the needs of the organisation and are based on the insights gathered during the research. 

Why Nomat?

The team at Nomat have been researching customers and creating customer journey maps for over 15 years and created maps for organisations including SEEK and Treasury Wine Estates. 

Our research expertise ensures that the output is based on robust research and is reflective of actual customer experiences.

We support organisations through following a collaborative approach, working as a single team to ensure that the knowledge is transferred to your team during the process.