We help organisations to improve interactions with their customers

What we do


We create fit-for-purpose product and service designs. By utilising the knowledge of your stakeholders and with an understanding of your users, we work collaboratively to design solutions that help you realise your business goals.

UX and interaction design
– Website and app design
– Content creation
– Service design
– Future state customer journeys
– Design workshops
– Wireframes
– User flows
– Prototyping
– Inclusive design and accessibility
– Information architecture
Design sprints
– Visual design


We employ a range of user research techniques to understand user needs and their experience with your product or service. Our senior teams members have a proven record of delivering ROI from research.

Usability testing (lab based and online)
– Eye-tracking studies
Research to inform navigation design and content organisation (including Card sortingTree testing)
– Surveys
– Measuring product success (including metrics & web analytics)
– Expert reviews
– Ethnographic studies
Customer journey maps and Service Blueprints
– Personas
– Contextual enquiry
– Diary studies


We work with firms to realise their business objectives in the digital space. We have helped organisations find answers to a range of challenging questions; from determining what products to build, through to improving workflows for internal teams.

– Digital strategy supporting business & product
– Optimising design & research practice & process within organisations
– Mentoring & training
– Expert workshop facilitation
– Stakeholder engagement

Nomat added value throughout the product development lifecycle, and the insights generated from the research were instrumental in getting stakeholders on-board.

Mathew Devey
UX & Customer Insights Manager at SEEK Learning


Nomat are great at quickly identifying your business requirements and designing appropriate testing scenarios to provide you with valuable consumer insights … to improve online customer engagement, conversions and site performance.


Tamara Bowles
Web Services Manager, Senior Advisor at Chisholm TAFE

Nomat researchers were a delight for us and our clients. They were warm, respectful and quick to absorb the complexities of a large health organisation and our clients’ complex needs. Clearly Nomat have an infectious love of human centred design and behaviours. They asked all the right questions, and more!


Sara Norbury
Marketing Manager, cohealth

Nomat understood our needs from the start, and quickly delivered usable insights that now drive our product


Kari Hunter
Acting CEO, BIG4 Holiday Parks

Working with Nomat really helped BackPocket understand more about our customers and what they valued most in our product. I found the whole research so valuable, especially Nomat’s experience in getting me to think about the bigger context in our customer lives, as well as teaching me about valuable research techniques that I could do myself. Thanks to Chris and the Nomat team!

Mereki Nieman
Co-Founder , BackPocket


About us

Nomat helps organisations to design digital products and solve business problems through research insights and human centred design.

We use a range of techniques to collect information that informs design; ultimately we place people at the heart of the design process which delivers the most effective products and the right solutions for your customers.

Embedded within our culture are pragmatism, a focus on solving real problems and holistic thinking. This leads to positive commercial outcomes for organisations, team members and customers.

At Nomat, we follow a collaborative and inclusive process to ensure there are no surprises and we leverage your team member’s collective knowledge of the problem space.

We are a lean team, we don’t place account managers between clients and consultants, we assemble the right people, at the right time, to ensure that we can move quickly and deliver value.

Our team



Managing Director

Chris is a leader in the Human Centred Design field with a 18 year track record of improving customer interactions with some of Australia’s largest organisations. He is a strategic thinker who brings a calm and considered approach to tackling complex problems. An accomplished workshop facilitator, Chris excels at engaging with senior stakeholders and guiding projects to success. Chris has expertise in user research, service design and embedding Human Centred Design within organisations.




Marli is an experienced manager who oversees the day to day operations at Nomat including resource and project management. Marli is skilled in interviewing and has over 10 years experience working in the Victorian Government. Marli is adept at navigating complex stakeholder relationships and brings a pragmatic lens to
every project.



Designer & Researcher

Selena has 12 years experience with both visual and user experience design. A curious and passionate problem solver, Selena brings holistic thinking to her research and design projects. She considers both the big picture and the details, imagining future states and potential risk simultaneously. Selena
enjoys a collaborative approach to working and cultivates positive connections with clients and stakeholders.



Designer & Researcher

Cam brings over 12 years of digital industry experience. With expertise covering visual and user experience design, development and research, he has a strong understanding of these different aspects within a project. This breadth of knowledge allows him to understand and empathise with a broad variety of project stakeholders.




Nick is an experienced insights specialist with 15 years experience in the research field. He is skilled creating new and innovative models for addressing research needs and working closely with stakeholders to ensure the research process delivers strategic outcomes.

Nick has taken project management responsibilities for qualitative and quantitative research projects on behalf of a range of commercial and government clients.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)


As we move through 2021, the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to influence the workplace. We want to let you know how the team at Nomat are taking precautions to deal with the situation while continuing to deliver human centred design services (including research).

Of the utmost importance is the health and safety of our team, our clients and those we conduct research with. As such we are closely monitoring the Victorian Government and Commonwealth Government health advice and are tightly monitoring the public health situation.

We are currently using a mixture of in-person and remote working systems to complete projects depending on the situation and project needs. We have significant experience in undertaking remote working, including the facilitation of remote usability testing (both mobile or desktop), remote interviews, meetings and workshops. We are committed to taking positive and proactive action during these difficult times to keep projects on track and to be able to respond to our valued clients or any new business needs.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. Stay safe.

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COVID-19: Time to get to work

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