Pragmatic research & design


3 tips for innovation

It is possible to start practicing in small ways, on a single project or within a team, which can gain traction and start to build up a culture of innovation in your broader organisation. Here’s some simple ideas to help you start growing a culture of innovation.

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Defining design: is a universal definition possible?

by Design is a term that exists across a wide range of disciplines and has different connotations in each context. It has such a long and varied history, from architecture to fashion, industrial to graphic design, and each field describes the process of design with different nuances. Once you add terminology to the mix such […]

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True Intent Survey: understanding why users 
visit your site

A survey run on a live website that intercepts visitors and asks a series of specific questions about their visit. It seeks to understand why people are visiting, the tasks that they have come to complete, and then about their experience of the site. The accuracy of the feedback is enhanced by asking site visitors to complete their questions after they have finished their visit. A true intent survey can be coupled with other questions but in general it is best to keep it simple and quick for visitors to complete as this increases the number of responses.

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A/B testing: we can do better

by A/B testing is something we come across more and more, typically in organisations with greater digital maturity. While I love A/B testing, too often I see firms using a shot gun based approach lacking genuine insight to create meaningful hypothesis and hoping to hit a random target. I was interested to come across this […]

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Moderating a usability test

Mastering the art of moderation can take years, running lots of sessions and making lots of mistakes. That said, learning to gain useful insights from usability testing can be straight forward for anyone, regardless of your role. The most crucial elements are learning to listen, making it clear to the participant what is expected of them and starting on the right note.

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LEGO ® Serious Play ®; applying play to user experience design (UX)

LEGO Serious Play is a technique that supports deep exploration of concepts, ideas and opportunities to solve problems; we have been using it within UCD

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