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Our team helps organisations to design products and solve business problems through research insights and user centred design.  We use a range of techniques to collect information that  informs design; ultimately we place the customer at the heart of the design process which delivers the most effective products and the right solutions for your users.

At Nomat, we follow a collaborative and inclusive process to ensure there are no surprises and we leverage team member’s collective knowledge of the problem space. We are a lean team, we don’t have project or account managers between clients and consultants, we assemble the right people, at the right time, to ensure that we can move quickly and deliver you value.

The team



Director and design lead

Chris is a leader in the field with a 15 year track record of improving the return on investment of digital assets through user research, usability testing, web analytics and UX design. Chris has managed service design and interaction design projects for Australia’s largest organisations.



    Senior Design Consultant

    Selena has over 8 years experience with both visual and user experience design. A curiosity and passion for problem solving has lead her to combine her skills within the digital space. Selena has experience in undertaking user research, service design and interaction design.



      Product strategist

      For the past 18 years Lee has worked with businesses to consult, design and build engaging, usable and useful digital products, software and websites. Lee blends business objectives and user needs with an agile, lean approach to delivery to ensure you minimise risk and can execute quickly.



        Operations Manager

        Marli is an experienced manager who overseas the day to day operations at Nomat. Marli brings over 10 years experience working in the human services field and has a passion for social enterprise. Her experience includes managing large teams and challenging stakeholders.


          Case studies


          2 things you might not know about Nomat on our 2nd Birthday

          by Time flies when you’re having fun, its been another busy year here at Nomat and we are super excited about the relationships we have built over the last 12 months. We have welcomed Selena Kearney to the team. She brings over 8 years of visual design experience and a passion for interaction design and […]

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          5 steps to running a successful design sprint

          by At UX Australia 2016 Chris presented 5 Steps to running a successful design sprint. Here you will find a handy checklist, which asks, “Should we run a Design Sprint”. This is a quick checklist to help discover if a design sprint is the right approach to solve your business problem. Run through with your […]

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          6 Benefits of UX Design

          by If you’re a tech start up, or owner of a product and someone mentions to you that you need to be doing UX, you might ask ‘why?’ Is it just something else to be spending budget on with little ROI? What are the benefits of UX Design? Or maybe you know the benefits but […]

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          Strategic research within Agile environments, is it possible?

          Strategic research within Agile environments can be challenging. There needs to be a focus on tactical research while considering more strategic needs.

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          4 lessons from Elon Musk for designing better products

          Over the summer I read Elon Musk: How the Billionaire CEO of Spacex and Tesla is Shaping Our Future by Ashlee Vance. It’s a fascinating read about man who is changing our world. There is much we can all learn from his success with Tesla, PayPal (& and SpaceX . Below are 4 product lessons which can applied to designing better products.

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          End of year UX festivities

          by So the year is coming to an end. It’s been an exciting one here at Nomat, we have worked with lots of great people and on some really exciting projects. A big thanks to those who have supported us this year and we are looking forward to an even bigger 2016. We have been […]

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          Think the home button is unnecessary? Think again.

          by There has been a trend over the years, which is not particularly new, to remove the home button from website navigation. I’m not sure why this is, maybe it is to free up some space for other navigation options or maybe it is because there is an assumption that users understand the convention of […]

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