Telstra needed a team to rapidly explore new product opportunities and service innovations.  Nomat facilitated a week long design sprint with a cross section of subject matter experts and business stakeholders.

What we did during the design sprint…

We facilitated a 5-day design sprint to explore the problem space, to generate new product ideas and test these with customers. Nomat provided a facilitator for the week long workshop and a lead designer to support the design process. Organisations use design sprints as a method used for answering critical business questions through designing, prototyping and testing ideas with customers. They involve a 5 day design “workshop” with a very structured agenda. Design sprints seek to explore the problem space, address key customer pain points and validate ideas with customers. The process was designed by Google Ventures, and it leverages a range of user centred design (UCD) techniques that have been utilised and proven by the broader UCD community. The outcome of the design sprint was a customer validated prototype and documentation of over 20 different concepts that were explored. The executive team used the findings to push company thinking regarding product direction and strategy. Ultimately the concepts will drive the product road map. Activities provided by Nomat
  • -Workshop facilitation
  • -Prototyping
  • -Research: concept testing
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