Agile research for Seek Learning

SEEK Learning needed to better understand their customers and were looking for opportunities to enhance conversion for course enrolment within an agile environment.

SEEK Learning, a broker for higher education courses, wanted to better understand their customers and learn about their needs when researching and choosing a study option. The research was divided into quick wins or tactical feedback and long term strategic feedback which provided a foundation understanding. Feedback was utilised to with prioritise site enhancements and inform the product roadmap.

What we did

We commenced the engagement with a detailed mapping of the research objectives and questions through stakeholder consultation sessions. It was important to understand the business problems that needed to be solved via the engagement as well as the information needed to be collected. By documenting the research objectives and questions we could ensure that the right information was collected and provide transparency for the process.

A range of tactical and strategic research questions were identified. Information was collected via interviews, usability testing, surveys and screen recordings.

Services provided by Nomat:

  • Interviews
  • Surveys
  • Usabliity testing
  • Analysis of screen recordings
  • Card sorting & tree testing
  • Design recommendations

The outcome

24% improvement in conversion rate of mobile platform (leads/enquiries)

36% increase in page views (29% increase in course page views)

33% reduction in the bounce rate

The project lead to a detailed understanding of the customer, their information needs and user journey. This allowed us to work with SEEK Learning to highlight initiatives that informed the product road map. The outcome was a successful update of the mobile website.

“Nomat added value throughout the product development lifecycle, and the insights generated from the research were instrumental in getting stakeholders on-board.”

Mat Devey

Head of User Experience, SEEK Career Services and Learning