Shout For Good

Usability testing, prototyping & iterative design

Shout For Good, a digital fundraising platform, created a cashless donation solution for ANZ BladePay™ a new mobile payment device.

What we did…..

Shout (who develop in an Agile framework) partnered with Nomat (as a multidisciplinary team) to validate their concept and prototype through a range of research activities. Shout’s objectives were to ensure the device could be used intuitively by charity volunteers (accessible) to collect donations, and that people could make donations with confidence. Nomat supported Shout through an agile and user centred process to iterate their designs based on the findings from usability testing run on their prototype as well as measured performance, identified improvements, and developed a consistent and responsive iteration to the design. The new interface was then successfully piloted at some real charity events. Nomat also supported the non-digital experiences by developing a training guide to support volunteers to use the device.Services provided by Nomat:
  • Lab based Usability Testing
  • Iterative Design
  • Prototyping
  • In situ Usability Testing