Start-up customer value proposition research

backpocket is a startup looking to disrupt the health insurance market with a focus on millennials. They came to Nomat for help with understanding their customers and testing the concept and customer value proposition through research.

Nomat was engaged to explore the customer value proposition for their business and to research customer problems and needs in the health space. Overall, we were concept testing the backpocket customer value proposition.

As a start-up, backpocket were seeking an efficient engagement and one that would support their staff to learn about facilitating research.  As such we ran a lean research engagement that included hands-on learning for the backpocket team.


Customer value proposition research analysis in action

Researching the customer value proposition

After exploring the research objectives and questions to fully understand the needs, we facilitated in depth interviews with people to explore their health needs, how they pay for health, role of and perceptions of health insurance and gathered feedback on the proposed backpocket value proposition. Mock-up marketing materials were used to make the proposition more tangible for participants and to support gathering feedback. The founder of backpocket took notes during the interviews and sat in on the sessions. After completing the interviews we undertook collaborative analysis and synthesis of the data.

Outcome of the engagement

We were able to validate that the health needs which backpocket serves do, in fact, exist in the market. We gathered feedback on the aspects of the value proposition which resonate with millennials and provided recommendations on those which need refinement.  Finally we were able to refine the target market for backpocket.

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“Working with Nomat really helped backpocket understand more about our customers and what they valued most in our product. I found the whole research so valuable, especially Nomat’s experience in getting me to think about the bigger context in our customer lives, as well as teaching me about valuable research techniques that I could do myself. Thanks to Chris and the Nomat team!”.

Mereki Nieman

Co-Founder , backpocket