Our space

As a human centred design firm, the physical space we operate within is important to our work. 

While we often work onsite with our clients, our offices in South Melbourne have been designed to cater for the variety of different needs we have. We need space to talk to our customers about their needs and problems, undertake research, observe and interview users and design solutions.

Our viewing room and meeting space where we hold co-design workshops and design sprints.

How did we achieve this?

Our office is spread over three levels. The first floor, we have our meeting space, a room full of light that has the capacity to hold 12 comfortably. We use this floor to host workshops and design sprints, and so it contains all the technology required to facilitate these sessions. This space also works as the viewing room for usability testing and co-design workshops, with screens and audio providing our clients a clear view into sessions being performed in our testing lab. Our experience of small dark viewing rooms more conducive to sleep than working was solved. We created a bright, air-filled room in which whole teams can watch sessions together, capture insights, collaborate on the findings, have robust discussions and outline potential solutions.
Level two at the Nomat office is our teams’ workspace. A collaborative open plan space for our team to synthesise and analyse our findings, to create recommendations and design solutions.
On the third floor we have the lab where we run our session with participants. Over the years we have experienced a variety spaces for usability testing and an issue we have found is sound travelling from the viewing room into the lab, compromising the sessions. We have gone to great lengths to make sure that once the participant is in the lab, they will not hear any sound coming from the other floors. The room has been sound proofed via insulation and a heavy door with properties perfect for the purpose of keeping noise out.