A Design Sprint checklist will help you to determine whether or not you should run a Design Sprint.  At UX Australia 2016 Chris presented 5 steps to running a successful design sprint which included this checklist.

A Design Sprint is a 4 or 5 day workshop that accelerates the human centred design process for solving business challenges and developing products. They were created by Google Ventures and use a range of existing and proven techniques. A key benefit is that they allow us to rapidly test out assumptions about customers and products, try bold ideas, and get customer input before the team goes ahead with building a product or solving a problem.

A key for a successful design sprint is ensuring that a design sprint is the right tool for the job i.e. is the situation and product appropriate for a design sprint. Here you will find a handy checklist, which asks, “Should we run a Design Sprint”. This is a quick checklist to help discover if a design sprint is the right approach to solve your business problem. Run through with your key stakeholders; if you can tick all the statements below then get sprinting!

Big thanks to John Paul Ungar for your help with this.

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Should we run a design sprint?