Case study: User research

SEEK Learning sought user research to enhance their understanding of SEEK Learning customers, their needs and pain points, and were ultimately looking for opportunities to enhance conversion of course enrolment.

What we did…

A range of tactical and strategic research questions were identified with key stakeholders. A range of UX research techniques were utilised to collect information that provided an understanding of customer needs and provide answers to strategic questions regarding the product. Research techniques included customer interviews, contextual enquiries, usability tests, surveys, web analytics analysis and screen recordings.

Nomat was able to deliver a detailed understanding of customers and highlighted initiatives to inform the product road map. The outcome was a successful update of the SEEK Learning mobile website which led to:

  • -24% improvement in conversion rate of mobile platform (leads/enquiries)
  • -36% increase in page views (29% increase in course page views)
  • -33% reduction in the bounce rate

User research activities provided by Nomat

  • – Contextual enquiry
  • – Usability testing (lab based)
  • – True intent surveys
  • – Web analytics analysis

Updated SEEK Learning mobile homepage based on user research

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