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Moderating a usability test

Mastering the art of moderation can take years, running lots of sessions and making lots of mistakes. That said, learning to gain useful insights from usability testing can be straight forward for anyone, regardless of your role. The most crucial elements are learning to listen, making it clear to the participant what is expected of them and starting on the right note.

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Think the home button is unnecessary? Think again.

by There has been a trend over the years, which is not particularly new, to remove the home button from website navigation. I’m not sure why this is, maybe it is to free up some space for other navigation options or maybe it is because there is an assumption that users understand the convention of […]

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How to Run an Unmoderated Remote Usability Test (URUT)

Unmoderated Remote Usability Testing (URUT) is a technique that can offer quick, inexpensive and robust usability testing. Of particular value can be the ability to use the technique for benchmarking and context-sensitive studies. It is a great tool to have in your bag of research techniques and can be a great compliment to in-person methods. Attached is a link to our article published this week on UX Mastery

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Usability testing – Does independence matter?

There are scenarios where independent usability testing is crucial including external designers completing work however there are also cases where the designer and tester can be one in the same.

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