Pragmatic research & design

Defining design: is a universal definition possible?

by Design is a term that exists across a wide range of disciplines and has different connotations in each context. It has such a long and varied history, from architecture to fashion, industrial to graphic design, and each field describes the process of design with different nuances. Once you add terminology to the mix such […]

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Think the home button is unnecessary? Think again.

by There has been a trend over the years, which is not particularly new, to remove the home button from website navigation. I’m not sure why this is, maybe it is to free up some space for other navigation options or maybe it is because there is an assumption that users understand the convention of […]

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2 things you might not know about Nomat on our 2nd Birthday

by Time flies when you’re having fun, its been another busy year here at Nomat and we are super excited about the relationships we have built over the last 12 months. We have welcomed Selena Kearney to the team. She brings over 8 years of visual design experience and a passion for interaction design and […]

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