Pragmatic research & design

True Intent Survey: understanding why users 
visit your site

A survey run on a live website that intercepts visitors and asks a series of specific questions about their visit. It seeks to understand why people are visiting, the tasks that they have come to complete, and then about their experience of the site. The accuracy of the feedback is enhanced by asking site visitors to complete their questions after they have finished their visit. A true intent survey can be coupled with other questions but in general it is best to keep it simple and quick for visitors to complete as this increases the number of responses.

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A/B testing: we can do better

by A/B testing is something we come across more and more, typically in organisations with greater digital maturity. While I love A/B testing, too often I see firms using a shot gun based approach lacking genuine insight to create meaningful hypothesis and hoping to hit a random target. I was interested to come across this […]

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Rapid iterative concept workshops: A case study of rapidly exploring new products and validating them with customers

Creating successful products in fast moving, competitive environments is a challenge facing many teams. How do you quickly explore new concepts? And how do you identify which are likely to be successful with customers? And then how do you ensure a shared understanding and ownership of these new initiatives ? Answering all of these questions might seem like a big ask but we feel it’s not impossible. In this post we are sharing a technique we have used recently with ANZ, rapid iterative concept workshops. These allow new concepts to be rapidly explored and validated with customers.

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User research in an agile environment

The increased adoption of the agile development process within the digital industry can presents a challenge for incorporating rigorous research as part of the design process.

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