Case study: UX for startup Climbing Bean


Start-up Climbing Bean was exploring a dating app and sought to validate their business proposition. UX for startup Climbing Bean needed to be lean and interrogate the various components of their product.


Nomat was able to provide Climbing Bean with information to make an informed decision about pursuing the concept and where opportunities existed in the market. Feedback included:

  • – Means to align the product with customer needs
  • – Refining the target audience & pricing model
  • – Barriers to the product’s success were identified
  • – A broader competition set was identified


Nomat facilitated interviews with their target market to explore customer needs for meeting people and starting romantic relationships. The sessions explored how they met people, dated and the pain-points of existing dating sites and models. The sessions included using a prototype as stimulus for the end product.

Dating App prototype.

Dating App prototype which was used to gather user feedback.